's mission is to preserve and revitalize the Hogg Hummock Community which is located on Sapelo Island, Georgia.

SICARS was founded in 1993 by Hogg Hummock resident and non-resident descendants who wanted to enhance the future of their community by educating all visitors to the island about the history. There will be increased awareness that Sapelo has existed as an African community for more than 208 years. SICARS has over 600 members and continues to grow each year.

Hogg Hummock is the last intact Geechee/Gullah Community in the Sea Islands of Georgia and is comprised of direct descendants of slaves that were brought to Sapelo in 1802. Geechee/Gullah* people still maintain many elements of the unique West African culture, language, and traditions brought over from the "Rice Coast" many other of their ancestors continued on to the isolated Sea Islands from South Carolina to Northern Florida.

The Reality 96% of the island surrounding Hogg Hummock is owned by the state and cannot be purchased for development. This, coupled with the limited access to the community on the island (ferry or private boat), creates an environment that makes community members (who have called Sapelo home for many generations) subject to stress and fracturing from land loss, speculative developers, racism, and lack of job opportunities.

*Geechee is from the Kissi (pronounced Geezee) Tribe in West Africa.

Board Members
Executive Board Members

President - Ronald Johnson

Vice-President - Karen Hillery

Secretary - Cheryl Grant

Treasurer - Andrea Dixon

Additional Board Members
Maurice Bailey
Lewis Jackson
Francine Bailey
Larry Johnson
Terrance Baker