Progress to date

SICARS has developed a land-use plan, completed restoration of the Raccoon Bluff Church (click see photos), built a Multi-use facility building for SICARS (click to see photos), implemented a Community Land Trust to hold and protect land for our Geechee/Gullah Community. SICARS has made valuable contacts, completed the restoration of the Farmers Alliance Hall building (see photos below), added bathroom facilities to the Culture Day site and made significant progress toward our mission. We have completed a Feasibility Study for a Cultural Village. As a community, we have maintained ownership of our land for over 130 years despite great obstacles in our way. While it is important to look at our success, it is also important to look toward the future and implement solutions to long-standing problems.

Current Projects
  • Documentation and maintenance of Behavior Cemetery, the Geechee/Gullah community's 200 year-old cemetery
  • Development of a Cultural Interpretive Village where Geechee/Gullah history, lore, and crafts will be demonstrated
  • Implementation of Hogg Hummock Community Land Use Plan
  • Promotion of cultural tourism events organized to educate the public about our Geechee Culture and also as fundraising activities
  • Publication of the SICARS newsletter: The Geechee Griot
Farmers Alliance Hall restored
Farmers Alliance Hall - Hogg Hummock
(before & after)